Barry Waddell Pickleball Instructor at Pickleball & Tennis US
Meet our Pickleball instructor, Barry Waddell!



Dave Weinbach and Barry Waddell Gold US Open Pickleball

Barry Waddell is an IPTPA Certified Professional, and is the 2019 World Pickleball Championship Gentlemen's Doubles Senior Pro champion, ranking #1 in Florida and second in the nation according to Pickleball Global’s GPR (Global Pickleball Ranking).

Before Pickleball, Barry started out in Tennis, holding a brief but exemplary international professional career. He then returned to Florida to become the Director of Tennis at Casa Ybel on Sanibel Island. During that time, he continued to play in Tennis tournaments and was ranked #1 in Florida in the Men’s 25 and 30 Division and ranked second in the Men’s Open division.

At the age of 47, Barry found his new love: Pickleball! In 2017, he turned Pro and has won numerous Pickleball tournaments, including four Florida Senior Pro games in Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

He now spends his time coaching and playing Pickleball, in addition to being a Realtor with John R. Wood Properties.



Other recent medals include:
Gold Medal in Senior Pro Men's Doubles, World Pickleball Championship, 2019

Gold Medal in Senior Pro Men’s Doubles, US Open Pickleball Championships, 2019

Gold Medal in Senior Pro Men’s Singles, Texas Open, 2018

Gold Medal in Senior Pro Doubles, Atlanta Open Championships, 2018

Silver Medal in Senior Pro Men’s Doubles, US Open Pickleball Championships, 2018



Dave Weinbach (L), Barry Waddell (R), US Open Pickleball Championships