Pickleball Rehydration

Posted on by Abbie David


A classic reason for a Pickleball rehydration drink was the 2015 US Open in Naples, Florida. All day play under a 90+ degree sun was draining for the players, as they found themselves sweating profusely. The need to replenish fluids in their bodies was at an extreme level. Drinking water only was not an effective way to remedy their dehydration. A drink that contained electrolytes was a much better solution. 

Electrolytes are the ions found in salts when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are important because they are in part responsible for maintaining the crucial balance of fluids within cells (nerve, heart, muscle, etc) and conductivity across cell membranes, as well as carrying the electrical impulses important for muscle contraction, nerve impulses and energy generation.

Food store shelves have a variety of sport drinks, such as Gatorade & Powerade, that are promoted for having electrolytes and helping with rehydration. They do what they say, but the problem with most of these sports drinks is they also contain a number of harmful ingredients, such as artificial colors, vegetable oils and a high percentage of sugar.

As an alternative, you can make your own electrolyte drink containing sodium and potassium salts to replenish the body's water and electrolyte concentrations lost when playing Pickleball that causes moderate or heavy sweating.

 Pickleball Electrolyte Rehydration Drink 

Place the following ingredients into a half-gallon pitcher or jug.

Ingredients & Method:


Heat one (1) cup of water to a boil and add:

1/3 cup of honey;

2/3 teaspoon of sea salt (a key ingredient).

Stir until the salt and honey are mixed into the water.

Pour into pitcher or Jug.


Add to the pitcher or jug:

2 cups of tart cherry juice;

2 cups of lemon juice or the juice from 2 or 3 squeezed lemons;

2 cups of orange juice of pineapple juice.

Top up the mix to a half-gallon with spring water or coconut water.

 To keep hydrated, enjoy your homemade electrolyte drink before, during and after your Pickleball matches.