Pickleball Practice Wall

Posted on by Abbie David

Pickle Ball Practice Wall

An overlooked item in Pickleball is having access to a practice wall. When communities build Pickleball facilities, often the practice wall does not show up in the Pickleball courts' footprint. This is too bad for a practice wall can make a difference in a player's Pickleball game.

Having a practice wall allows players to drill and practice at their own pace. A player must ensure the movements and strokes being practiced are fundamentally sound.

Practice walls are not very costly and do no take up much space. If a practice wall is not available at your local Pickleball courts, there is always the possibility of using the garage. A garage practice wall has several advantages:
1. Weather: Not effected by rain and wind.
2. Lines & Targets: A NVL can be taped to the floor & a net line taped to the wall. Also, targets can be placed on the wall.
3. Practice: Any time of day or night.
4. Warming-Up: A practice wall at home allows a player to get ready before heading out for the day’s match.