Pickleball Practice Wall

Posted on by Abbie David

Pickle Ball Practice Wall

An overlooked item in Pickleball is having access to a practice wall. When communities build Pickleball facilities, often the practice wall does not show up in the Pickleball courts' footprint. This is too bad for a practice wall can make a difference in a player's Pickleball game.

Having a practice wall allows players to drill and practice at their own pace. A player must ensure the movements and strokes being practiced are fundamentally sound.

Practice walls are not very costly and do no take up much space. If a practice wall is not available at your local Pickleball courts, there is always the possibility of using the garage. A garage practice wall has several advantages:
1. Weather: Not effected by rain and wind.
2. Lines & Targets: A NVL can be taped to the floor & a net line taped to the wall. Also, targets can be placed on the wall.
3. Practice: Any time of day or night.
4. Warming-Up: A practice wall at home allows a player to get ready before heading out for the day’s match.

You could also use an all around racquet sport rebound wall to practice as well. The KSports Tennis Rebounder Net is a great option that you can set up in the driveway or anywhere there is stable ground. Made of robust weatherproof polyester and easy enough to assemble in 10 minutes, we think this is a great addition to anyones training kit.