Pickleball Drilling: Words of Wisdom

Posted on by Abbie David

If a Pickleball player wants to compete in tournaments, club play or just work for a higher skill level, they need to spend time drilling. The following words of wisdom were spoken by seasoned Pickleball pro and teacher extraordinaire, Brian Staub.

“If you can’t do it in a drill, you can’t do it in a game. 
You cannot expect to hit a shot you don’t drill.
The drills you want are:
A. Drills that address a weakness you have in your game.
B. Drills that strengthen what is already a forceful part of your game.
Should a Pickleball drill have you standing on the baseline hitting hard groundstrokes?
No, that is what not happens in a match.
Use drills to practice the shots that happen in matches.
Drills are huge..."
Brian Staub - The Villages, FL.

There is an ever growing number of Pickleball drills appearing on the Internet. Some video clips show proper technique and others teach you bad habits that may have to be corrected at a later date. If the video drill clip features an IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) instructor, a known experienced player or a knowledgeable instructor, most likely you have a quality drill to have a go with. Undertaking Pickleball drills can not only help improve your play, but also provide an excellent alternative court experience to playing in a match. A collection of Pickleball instruction and drill video clips can be found at: www.pickleball.global. Select “Learn” from the menu.