Pickleball Court Design: Pickleball Court Divider Fencing

Posted on by Abbie David

Pickleball Court Design: Pickleball Court Divider Fencing

Whether it's for a car, a hotel room, a computer or a Pickleball court, design is extremely important. Quality design not only makes something beautiful and functional but adds an elegance to the experience of using what has been created.  Where would Apple Computer be without the amazing product designer Jony Ive? Pickleball court design is important and will be a repetitive topic on this blog. 

New outside Pickleball courts are springing up like weeds across the USA. Most are beautiful to view with a variety of colors but many have a major design flaw. This flaw is the lack of Pickleball court divider fencing which alters the flow of the game and the Pickleball experience. Court divider fencing running between Pickleball courts will greatly reduce the number of balls rolling into adjacent courts and causing a disruption in play. Everyone who has played on courts without court divider fencing knows the "oh gee" feeling when a good rally is brought to a halt by the visit of a Pickleball ball from a nearby game.

Three positives of Pickleball court divider fencing:

GAME TIME SAVED: Less disruption mean more games played per day.

GAME EXPERIENCE: Allows for Pickleball games to keep moving along.

PLAYER SAFETY: Pickleball divider fences help break a players fall if they crash into one (which does happen!).

A few reasons court divider fencing is not included on some new Pickleball facilities would be to save a bit of money or put the maximum number of courts in a defined space. Going this route for either reason seems like a bad idea. 

Recommendation: Find the extra funds and undertake a Pickleball court design that allows for court divider fencing. The fences will boost the Pickleball experience for everyone.

Pickleball court divider fencing helps keep the flow of play and adds more games to a Pickleball day.

Please Note: Pickleball & Tennis US does not do any installations, nor do we have any connections to companies that do. This post is merely meant to help educate and inform players about how to imporve their overall pickleball experience. If looking for a temporary solution please visit https://www.johnsballstop.com/product-page/new-unit