Posted on by Abbie David


Fifty-four (54) IPTPA pickleball teaching professionals arrived at East Naples Community Park as the opening event of the US Open Pickleball Championships. The first five (5) hours were spent in the classroom with IPTPAfounder, Seymour Rifkind, leading the discussions. Topics covered included: a review of the first year of IPTPA, a pickleball teaching curriculum, an IPTPA universal ratings system (to be discusssed in a future blog). The afternoon session of three hours was held on the Minto Championship court. A half dozen pickleball pros including Marcin Roepedski, Kyle Yates, Steve Paranto and Jodi Elliott demonstrated their successful teaching techniques on court. Some were funny, some were serious, and all featured numerous pickleball drills and follow-up discussions from which it was impossible not to learn. Lastly, opening the IPTPA conference was the above pickleball music video shot and edited by Keith Bing featuring IPTPA members, filmed in various locations during the preceding two years.