How do Pickleball Pros Warm-up?

Posted on by Abbie David

For a different pickleball viewing experience it is entertaining and informative to watch Pro Pickleball players warm-up. Much can be learned from observing player movement and paddle positioning and motion. Often an exhibition atmosphere is relaxed and the players will experiment with shots and angles they would not normally do in match play. The clip above is from the three day “The Colosseum" Pickleball clinic (2-4 December) held by Robert & Jodi Elliott. The exhibition was on the evening of December 2nd 2016 at a venue just outside The Villages, Florida. The four Pros warming up for the exhibition are Matthew Blom, Robert Elliott, Marcin Rozpedski and Brian Staub. For the early arrivals it was a treat to observe an action filled warm-up play with a wide variety of Pickleballs shots.